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IGeL services

As an insured person with statutory health insurance (GKV), you will receive all the necessary medical services in our practice within the scope of the legal possibilities.

These services must be sufficient, appropriate and economical in accordance with the law and the health insurance companies and must not exceed what is medically necessary.

In addition, there are desirable, useful medical services that are not part of the scope of services provided by the statutory health insurance.

As part of the preventive examinations, we offer medically useful examinations that are not subject to reimbursement by health insurance companies, so-called individual health services (= IGeL ).

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Special IGeL services as part of the
Pregnancy prevention
and family planning

  • Insertion of a hormonal coil - €386.00

  • Insert a Kyleena spiral - €388.88

  • Jaydess spiral insert - €343.03

  • Insertion of a copper spiral - €175.00

  • Insert a copper chain - €258.89

  • Insert of a copper bead ball - €267.22

  • Ultrasonic position control of the spiral

  • 3-month injection - €34.50

  • Insertion of a hormone stick under the skin - approx. €298.00 (€122.00 insert + c. €176.00 Implanon

  • HIV test (AIDS) - €10.00 + approx. €18.00 laboratory costs

  • Hepatitis B test

  • Pregnancy test - €10.00


Special examinations during pregnancy

  • Ultrasound examinations
    Sono package €80.00 (ultrasound with every preventive examination; only 3 ultrasound examinations are normally covered by the health insurance companies as part of SS preventive care) or individual ultrasound examination €20.00 each, 3D/4D ultrasound €75.00 each

  • Toxoplasmosis test
    To clarify immunity against toxoplasmosis (an infection that can cause severe disabilities in the child during pregnancy).
    approx. €16.90 laboratory costs + €10.00 blood sample

  • First trimester screening
    By measuring the thickness of the child's neck fold and a maternal hormone test in the 12th to 14th weeks. Week of pregnancy may indicate a genetic defect in the child. €70.00 ultrasound contribution plus approx. €53.00 laboratory costs.

  • NIPD (harmony test)
    non-invasive prenatal diagnostics:
    Examination of certain child chromosomes from the mother's blood to detect a genetic disease in the child (from the 11th week of pregnancy)
    €334.00 plus €55.00 - €65.00 ultrasound

    NIPD harmony test flyer

  • Vaginal swab - examination
    Streptococcal B infections

    Makes sense between the 36th and 38th weeks of pregnancy. At pos. If the findings are found, antibiotic therapy can now be carried out in good time (so that the baby does not become infected at birth). €15.00.


Special investigations at the
Cancer prevention

As part of cancer prevention, we offer you the following IGeL services:

  • Ultrasound of the abdomen through the
    Sheath - €30.00

  • Ultrasound of the breast on both sides -

Other IGeL services:

  • Hormone analysis during menopause

  • Determination of testosterone in acne

  • Determination of testosterone
    Hair loss

  • Piercings e.g. B. Umbilical fossa


  • In addition to the vaccination services covered by health insurance (e.g. tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, flu), we carry out other vaccinations upon request.

  • Protective and preventive vaccinations

  • Vaccination against hepatitis

  • HPV vaccination (vaccination against
    Cervical cancer)
    Approximately €450 will be paid by the
    Reimbursed by health insurance

  • Take you to the next examination
    Bring your vaccination certificate with you, we will be happy to advise you.

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